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Publications by the Resilient Mobility Team and others are given below:

Resilient Mobility Publications

  Name Date Published  
View Details RailCONNECT article 03 Jun 2014
View Details The costs and benefits of increasing the resilience of rail geotechnical assets to climate change 13 Dec 2013
View Details Rail Professional Article 01 Apr 2013
View Details Development of a methodology for a highway drainage risk model for pluvial flooding 07 Jan 2013
View Details IRF Bulletin Article 02 Apr 2012
View Details Climate Change Risk Assessment in Developing Countries 12 Sep 2011 Download
View Details Country Fact Sheet_Ghana 12 Sep 2011 Download
View Details Introduction to Resilient Mobility 11 Jul 2011 Download

Other Publications

  Name Date Published Author  
View Details Transport Resilience Review 22 Jul 2014 Department for Transport (UK)
View Details The Economics of Climate Resilience 01 Mar 2013 UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
View Details Climate Change Risk Assessment for the Transport Sector 25 Jan 2012 UK Government Download
View Details Assessing Transport Network Security in the Face of Climate Change 22 Jan 2012 FUTURENET Team Download
View Details The London Climate Change Strategy 11 Nov 2011 Greater London Authority Download
View Details Financing the Resilient City 11 Nov 2011 ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) Download
View Details Guidelines for Climate Proofing Investment in the Transport Sector: Road Infrastructure Projects 27 Oct 2011 Asian Development Bank
View Details World Resources Report 2010-2011: Decision Making in a Changing Climate 19 Oct 2011 UNDP, UNEP, World Bank, WRI
View Details DEFRA Transport Adaptation Reports 17 Oct 2011 Transport Providers in the UK
View Details Flooded Bus Barns and Buckled Rails: Public Transportation and Climate Change Adaptation 01 Aug 2011 Federal Transit Administration
View Details Road Owners Getting to Grip with Climate Change: Final Report 01 Mar 2011 ERA-NET
View Details Maintaining Pavements in a Changing Climate 23 Jun 2008 UK Department of Transport