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About Us

TRL working in Lesotho, AfricaTRL, the Transport Research Laboratory, is an independent research and consultancy organisation which has been working to improve transport for over 80 years. TRL's experts; including policy analysts, engineers, social scientists, modellers and economists, carry out research, testing and consultancy for public and private sector clients.

Climate change is an important part of TRL's work, as transport is both responsible for a significant proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions, whilst also being a sector extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. TRL actively communicates the importance of transport and climate change actions, and is a member of  Bridging the Gap; an international multi-stakeholder initiative linking land transport and with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) and the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs (UNDSEA) Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport, SLoCaT.

Aggregate testing at TRL laboratoriesTRL developed the Resilient Mobility concept to promote actions and policy-making to increase the resilience of transport to climate change impacts. To-date international focus on climate change adaptation action has understandably been directed towards the vulnerabilities of sectors providing food, water and shelter. However, transport plays a vital role in the provision of these fundamental services, and is itself vulnerable to climate change impacts. It is therefore important that the impacts of climate change on transport are better understood, and that action is taken to ensure that transport networks are able to operate safely and effectively within the future climate.